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Announcing the release of Nipype version 0.5.1!

posted Mar 14, 2012, 12:40 PM by Stephen Aylward
News from Team Nipype

Nipype version 0.5.1 is ready for download!

Nipype has enabled users to efficiently process and analyze large and diverse neuroimaging data using a combination of tools from several sophisticated software packages (e.g., AFNI, FSL, FreeSurfer, NiPy, SPM). This Python-based neuroimaging framework allows replicable, efficient and optimal use of neuroimaging tools. It provides semantically uniform access to underlying software (whether written in C/C++, Matlab, Python or Java) and a scriptable workflow creation and execution engine that supports local or distributed computation. Nipype has grown in terms of features, developers, and users.

For more information 

Visit the Nipype website 
and read the recently published paper:

New features and improvements

Improved execution:
    • Local parallel execution using multiprocessing
    • Cache mechanism for imperative programming in Python
    • Improved graph manipulation and configurable options for greater execution flexibility
    • Parallel execution of MapNodes
    • Web-based tracking of execution
New and improved interfaces and reusable workflows:
    • Added or improved support for AFNI, ANTS, BRAINS, Camino, Connectome Mapping Toolkit, FSL, FreeSurfer, MRTrix, Slicer, SPM
    • Growing collection of built-in workflows for analyzing functional data with SPM and FSL, normalization and voxel based morphometry with DARTEL, tractography with FSL, Camino and MrTrix, resting state analysis with FSL and FreeSurfer (includes temporal CompCor for noise removal), and TBSS
    • many new interfaces and reusable workflows
Improved documentation:
    • Beginners guide
    • Documentation on writing new Interfaces
    • Redesigned website with better search
    • 7 new step by step tutorials
For a full list of changes