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SPIE Medical Imaging: sessions, research, and data sharing...

posted Feb 4, 2012, 10:44 PM by Stephen Aylward   [ updated Feb 4, 2012, 10:48 PM ]
At SPIE: co-chairing a session on vascular imaging, co-chairing the live demonstrations workshop, and looking for new ideas and collaborators for our traumatic brain injury, sliding organ, vascular analysis, and ultrasound research at Kitware.

Already had several great discussions with folks about Midas for hosting public data.   Sharing useful collections of medical data remains a challenge for those wanting to share data and for those looking for it.   There are so many perceived barriers, and some are legitimate, but often I think the biggest barrier is ourselves.   We, as a community, need to commit to making our data available and using it when it is available.  We need to recognize the value of our data and the value added to us and the community when we share and re-use it.   The pace of research is massively accelerated by data sharing.

If you have data, let me know and chances are that we (Kitware) will host it on a public Midas server (e.g, for you for free!   You can ask people to cite one of your publications if they use your data in their publications.   The cost to you is your time writing a description of your data and uploading your data - negligible compared to the time and cost of acquiring the data!  The benefit is additional citations, download statistics for your next grant proposal, and community respect and admiration...priceless...