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Kitware is hiring: developers, imaging researchers, and project leaders

posted Sep 4, 2012, 7:19 AM by Stephen Aylward
Kitware is seeking to hire exceptional developers and project leaders, particularly for our office in North Carolina, USA.

Project Leaders
Project leadership involves working closely with commercial and academic collaborators on a wide range of imaging, scientific computing, informatics, computer vision, software engineering and data management projects.  Our collaborators include the top universities from around the world, national research labs, medical device manufacturers, and oil and gas companies as well as start-up companies that have a great idea and are seeking to use open-source to accelerate it to commercialization.  Eligible applicants must have strong software technology skills as well as project management skills.

We are seeking talented C++ programmers at the BS and MS levels of expertise in computer science.  Experience with Qt, revision control systems, software design patterns, and Kitware's software libraries (e.g., CMake, ITK, VTK, or Slicer) is preferred.  A passion for programming is required!

The Kitware Team
By joining our team you will participate in a dynamic work environment with exceptionally talented co-workers who are committed to high-quality development practices.  You will collaborate with esteemed researchers from around the world in the following ways:
  • Creating next-generation tools for community-supported open-source software development
  • Developing advanced visualization and analysis systems for images from the newest medical devices, data from the largest super computers, and signals at all scales of time and space.
  • Growing applications and infrastructure that are used by people, every day, around the world, to change the world

North Carolina
Kitware's office in North Carolina is located in Carrboro, next to Chapel Hill.  Our office is less than one mile from the University of North Carolina.  This area is known for its cultural diversity, music venues, well educated population, and beautiful weather. It has received numerous awards including being ranked #1 as the Best Place for Business and Careers (Raleigh, NC --, March 2009) and being ranked the 15th best city in the USA, if you are single and rich (Money Magazine, August, 2012).

How to Apply
Send a cover letter and your resume to and CC

For more information, see our employment website at