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Publication: Localizing target structures in ultrasound video – A phantom study

posted Mar 4, 2014, 1:44 PM by Stephen Aylward
Roland Kwitt, Nuno Vasconcelos, Sharif Razzaque, Stephen R. Aylward: Localizing target structures in ultrasound video - A phantom study. Medical Image Analysis 17(7): 712-722 (2013)


The problem of localizing specific anatomic structures using ultrasound (US) video is considered. This involves automatically determining when an US probe is acquiring images of a previously defined object of interest, during the course of an US examination.

Localization using US is motivated by the increased availability of portable, low-cost US probes, which inspire applications where inexperienced personnel and even first-time users acquire US data that is then sent to experts for further assessment. This process is of particular interest for routine examinations in underserved populations as well as for patient triage after natural disasters and large-scale accidents, where experts may be in short supply.

The proposed localization approach is motivated by research in the area of dynamic texture analysis and leverages several recent advances in the field of activity recognition. For evaluation, we introduce an annotated and publicly available database of US video, acquired on three phantoms. Several experiments reveal the challenges of applying video analysis approaches to US images and demonstrate that good localization performance is possible with the proposed solution.