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SIGGRAPH Poster: Interactive Multiscale Visualization

posted Jul 31, 2012, 2:06 PM by Stephen Aylward
Next week, at SIGGRAPH, we will be presenting a poster that summarizes our work on Multiscale Spatiotemporal Visualization.  

Debora Testi, Daniele Giunchi, Gordon Clapworthy, Stephen Aylward, Xavier Planes, Richard Christie

The consideration of systemic processes is becoming a common trend in the biomedical domain. However, exemplary problems analysis and review of the state of the art make evident that there is a shortage of appropriate tools for exploring data defined across a broad range of spatial and/or temporal scales. Multiscale visualization is not a new issue, and it has been investigated in other scientific contexts of which the most relevant effort has been undertaken in geographical data visualization, like in Google Earth. While these approaches are extremely effective within their context, not all of solutions can be generalized to other domains. This is particularly true for the biomedical area, where datasets are usually of higher dimension and contain a greater variety of field data and data types. Based on these considerations, the development of a new open-source software library, called MSVTK, has started. The library aims at providing software components general enough to be potentially used in any biomedical software project with multiscale visualization issues.