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TubeTK ready for early adopters

posted Jul 11, 2012, 10:38 AM by Stephen Aylward
This week Kitware announced the release of TubeTK.

From the website:
A guiding premise of TubeTK is that by focusing on 1D and 2D manifolds we can devise methods that are insensitive to the modality, noise, contrast, and scale of the images being analyzed and to the arrangement and deformations of the objects in them. In particular, we propose that TubeTK’s manifold methods offer improved performance for many applications, compared to methods involving the analysis of independent geometric measures (e.g., edges and corners) or requiring complete shape models.

While fully functional, the project is one of the first of a set of "lab" projects that Kitware will be releasing into the future.   These projects are not yet at the maturity of ITK and VTK, yet still follow Kitware's high-quality software practices while providing access to cutting-edge algorithms in specific domains.

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