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Visiting JHU's Laboratory for Computational Sensing and Robotics (LCSR)

posted Jul 17, 2012, 4:09 AM by Stephen Aylward
I have the privilege of serving on the strategic advisory board for the LCSR. This year the board meeting was held in conjunction with their annual open-house which provided an outstanding overview of the variety of highly innovative and significant research they are conducting.

Via close collaboration with clinicians and industry, they have become leaders in medical robotics as well as navigation and control in hazardous environments and numerous other applications.

What also impressed me was how well they are using both patents and open-source software to ensure their work has a broad impact. The patents are typically on special-purpose hardware and end-user applications - encouraging the adoption of those technologies by commercial companies. However, the foundational components of their work is based upon and contributes to open-source software and hardware. For example, they used open-source Slicer4 to host a mix of open-source and commercial planning and control algorithms, that interface with open-source hardware controllers as well as patented micro-surgical robotic systems. Throughout all, emphasis is placed on developing innovative solutions to practical problems, with excellent involvement of undergraduate as well as graduate students.