Active Research funding that I lead at Kitware

Accelerating community-driven medical innovation with VTK

NIH/NIBIB 1R01EB014955-01 (S. Aylward, B. Gevici, W. Schroeder)

4/1/2013 – 3/30/2017

The proposed studies seek to continue the development of the Visualization Toolkit (VTK). These studies will allow for the representation of large data and visualization via web and mobile platforms as well as maintain and, perhaps, increase the VTK user community.

Multimodality image-based assessment system for traumatic brain injury

NIH/NINDS 1R41NS081792-01 (S. Aylward)

1/1/2013 – 12/31/2015

Provide "geometric metamorphosis" as an easy-to-use image analysis tools capable of handling large, heterogenous pathologies that cause severe brain deformations.

Software for efficient anatomical model posing and morphing

DoD/AFRL: FA8650-13-M-6444 (S. Aylward and J. Finet)

4/1/2013 – 3/30/2014

Further the state-of-the-art in anatomical model repositioning by funding the extension of Kitware’s Bender toolkit. The project aims to reduce the time required for anatomical model pose manipulation and for simulating anthropomorphic changes, such as an increase in body-mass index.

Image-based quantification and analysis of Longitudinal Lung Nodule Deformations

NIH/NIBIB : 1R41EB015775-01 (M. Niethammer, UNC and N. Cahill, RIT)

4/1/2013 – 3/30/2015

Develop a "geometric metamorphosis" deformable image registration method that, given a patient's medical images, can recover pathology’s deformation over time while accounting for the impact of background deformations.

Quantitative ultrasound analysis of vascular morphology for cancer assessment

NIH/NCI : 1R43CA165621-01 (S. Aylward and P. Dayton, UNC)

7/1/2012 – 6/30/2014

Develop vessel analysis methods for a novel dual-frequency ultrasound system that uses a micro-bubble contrast agent. Will be used to stage tumors and assess response to treatment.

Micro-tumor detection by quantifying tumor-induced vascular abnormalities

NIH/NCI : R01CA170665-01 (P. Dayton, UNC)

9/1/2012 - 8/31/2017

Data show that substantial changes in microvasculature structure occur after the arrival of only 10s to 100s of tumor cells, that these changes extend to vessels that are relatively large (hundreds of microns in diameter), and that microvascular changes extend well beyond tumor margins, even soon after the onset of disease. These unique microvascular “cancer signatures” provide us with a means to overcome traditional resolution limitations which otherwise impair micro-tumor detection.

A Needle Guidance System for Hepatic Tumor Ablation That Fuses Real-Time Ultrasound

NIH/NCI : R44 CA143234 (Razzaque, InnerOptic)

4/1/2012 – 3/31/2014

Register intra-operative ultrasound with pre-operative CT and display using augmented reality, for liver lesion RFA.

Image Registration for Ultrasound-Based Neurosurgical Navigation

NIH/NCI : 1R01CA138419-01A1 (S. Aylward and W. Wells, BWH)

7/2009 - 6/2014

Register pre-operative MRI with intra-operative ultrasound to guide neurosurgical de-bulking of tumors.

National Alliance for Medical Imaging Computing

NIH/NIBIB : NCBC : U54 EB005149 (R. Kikinis, BWH. Core 4 and Kitware Lead: Aylward)

7/2011 - 7/2014

NA-MIC was created to implement a robust and flexible open-source infrastructure for developing and applying advanced imaging technologies across a range of important biomedical research disciplines.

Select past projects

Multiscale Spatio-temporal Visualization

EU FP7 Funding (D. Testi, SCS, Italy; Kitware Lead: S. Aylward)

1/2010 - 12/2012

Develop consensus on the requirements and specifications for a next-generation toolkit for managing, processing, and visualizing data that spans scale and space at multiple, vastly different scales. Participants include Super Computing Solutions, University of Bedfordshire, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, The University of Auckland, and Kitware.

High Throughput web-base Image Analysis of Mouse Brain MR Imaging Studies

NIH/NINDS : 2 R42 NS059095-03 (M. Styner, UNC)

7/2009 - 6/2012

Process multiple MRI protocols for brain morphology quantification, over the web, for the study of mice.

ITK Maintenance and ITKv4

NLM : Contract (L. Ibanez and S. Aylward)

6/2009 - 10/2011

Maintain the infrastructure that supports ITK and the ITK community. Promote and support the adoption and use of ITK. Support the refactoring and extension of ITK for ITKv4.

TRUST in Integrated Circuits

DARPA : (M. Bajura, USC)

12/2009 - 10/2011

Analysis of x-ray images of integrated circuits to detective deviations from specification sent to manufacturer.

Medical Image Segmentation (Phase I and II)

DOD/AFRL : SBIR (S, Aylward)

2/15/2006 - 2/14/2009

Develop applications for medical image segmentation, with an emphasis on workflow within and between the applications.

3D Image-Guided Endovascular Surgery

NIH/HLBI : R01HL69808 (E, Bullitt, UNC)

4/01/2002 - 3/31/2008

The goal of this project is to integrate state-of-the-art visualization methods with novel vessel representation methods and novel methods for reconstructing objects into 3D from bi-plane fluoroscopy for the guidance of TIPS procedures.

3D Cerebral Vessel Location for Surgical Planning

NIH/NCI : R01EB000219 NIH-NCI (E, Bullitt, UNC)

Changed by NIH/NIBIB : EB000219

4/1/2005 - 3/31/2008

We propose to build upon earlier work by providing a potentially clinically useful, symbolic description of blood vessels supplying vascular CNS tumors, includes both solid tumors and arteriovenous malformations.

Vessel Visualization and Measurement for Partial Organ Transplant Planning and Evaluation

Whitaker Foundation : Young Investigator Award (S. Aylward)

10/2002 - 09/2005

The specific goal of this project is to develop and evaluate a software package that facilitates three partial-liver transplant image analysis tasks: (1) Understanding the donor’s and the recipient’s anatomy and vascular network for surgical path planning. (2) Specifying a surgical path and predicting both donor and recipient outcome based on the surgical path complexity, graft volume, and the path’s effect on the liver’s vascular network. (3) Assessing liver regeneration in the donor and the recipient by quantifying volume and vessel network change by registering the donor’s pre-operative liver vessel network with the donor’s and the recipient’s post-operative liver vascular networks six weeks following the operation.

Equipment Gifts from Microsoft Research and Dell Computer Corporation (S. Aylward), 2004

ITK: Segmentation and Registration Toolkit for the Visible Human Data

NIH/NLM : Contract (S. Aylward)

9/30/99 - 9/29/03

With six other institutions, we are working to define the standard software library for medical image processing algorithm implementation and distribution. Software library will be distributed with the visible human data.

Digital Mammography National Archive

NIH/NLM : (E. Pisano, UNC)

1/1/00 - 12/31/02

Specifying the hardware, databases, and software for archiving and accessing digital mammograms from regional archives spanning the nation. Also implementing an interface for the specification and use of mammograms for teaching (medical students, residents, etc.).