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Open-Access Medical Image Repositories

If you would like to add a database to this list or if you find a broken link, please email <>.

Sites that list and/or host multiple collections of data:

Data for registration method development and evaluation:

Simulated and phantom data available for public use:

Data from computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) competitions (some are available for public use):
  • Kaggle
  • Portal for 100's of grand challenges in medical imaging:
    • Most run by academia and featured at international conferences
      • CAUSE07: Segment the caudate nucleus from brain MRI.
      • BIOCHANGE 2008 PILOT: Measure changes.
      • MS lesion segmentation challenge 08 Segment brain lesions from MRI.
      • Liver Tumor Segmentation 08 Segment liver lesions from contrast enhanced CT.
      • EXACT09: Extract airways from CT data.
      • ANODE09: Detect lung lesions from CT.
      • VOLCANO09: Quantify changes in pulmonary nodules.
      • Coronary Artery Algorithm Evaluation Framework: Extract coronary artery centerlines from CTA data.
      • ROC-Retinopathy Online Challenge: Detect microaneurysms for diabetic retinopathy screening.
  • Portal for grand challenges in machine learning from Microsoft
  • RSNA AI Challenges

Illustrations of Anatomy and Diseases
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