My passion is open-source software that accelerates the pace of research. It inspired me to leave a tenured professorship and join Kitware in December, 2005.

At Kitware, I am founder and Senior Director of Operations of Kitware’s North Carolina office. This office has over 20 researchers and developers dedicated to creating and enhancing open-source algorithms, toolkits, and applications for academia and industry. Our work spans the fields of medical image analysis, computer vision, scientific computing, data management, and software engineering.

At the University of North Carolina (UNC), I am an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Computer Science. Additionally, I volunteer as the treasurer (previously the president) for the Insight Software Consortium which helps to manage ITK, IGSTK, and other open-source packages. I also serve as an associate editor for IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, on various conference program committees including SPIE Medical Imaging and MICCAI, and on NIH study sections. Prior to joining Kitware, I was a tenured associate professor of Radiology, Computer Science, and Surgery at UNC.

In the following pages you can find out more about my past work:

Developing and using high-quality, open-source software accelerates the progress of research, development, and healthcare.